In 1993, The City, Inc., a community-based organization in North Minneapolis, developed an HIV/AIDS/STD Prevention and Awareness (HAS) Program.   Since that time, the HAS Program, through its Check Yo’ Self Crew, has provided education and outreach services targeted toward African American youth, ages 13-24, with a special emphasis on street-cultured and/or gang-involved youth.  The HAS program was created by Chi Ellis, current program director, as a peer education intervention model utilizing natural social networks among young people to disseminate HIV/AIDS/STD prevention information and education.   Sadly, The City, Inc. permanently closed its doors, effective Friday, January 7, 2011.  Because The City, Inc. closed its doors, it became imperative that the HAS program immediately find another permanent home (nonprofit agency) to seamlessly continue operating our programs.  Effective, January 28, 2010, the HSRA board of directors officially adopted the HAS program, now referred to as the HAS Health & Wellness Hub, as a permanent offering of the organization.  The HAS Health & Wellness Hub will continue to offer HIV/AIDS/STD prevention and awareness to over 5,000 young people in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.


HAS promotes healthy sexuality that includes education on issues of gender, sexual orientation, healthy relationships, values, hygiene, mental health, myths about sex and self-love, self-respect and self-esteem. Sexual health education through HAS also addresses social issues impacting African American and other youth, such as drug and alcohol use, homelessness, violence, and prostitution.  It is the intention of HAS to build upon its work in reducing HIV/STD risk behaviors among sexually active African American teenagers, as well as expand our programming to include the following two areas:  Nutrition (obesity prevention) and Fitness (promoting an active, healthy lifestyle among urban young people, ages 13-24).   Our underlying philosophy is relationship building, wellness, and empowerment.  HAS promotes consistent use of condoms, correct STD information, and provides access to age appropriate HIV counseling and testing.  Under the auspices of the HAS Health & Wellness Hub, the following programs are also offered:  Safer Choices; SIHLE; Sister to Sister; Individual Level Intervention Young Men who have Sex with Men; Individual Level Intervention High-Risk Heterosexuals; Getting Back to Good© Nutrition/Fitness; and Back to the Future© Mentoring Program.


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